Attributes (s. 16)
• Agility is your hero’s nimbleness, quickness, and dexterity. (d6)
• Smarts is a measure of how well your character knows his world and culture, how well he thinks on his feet, and mental agility. (d4)
• Spirit reflects inner wisdom and willpower. Spirit is very important as it helps your character recover from being Shaken (see page 68). (d6)
• Strength is raw physical power and general fitness. Strength is also used to generate your warrior’s damage in hand-to-hand combat. (d10)
• Vigor represents endurance, resistance to disease, poison, or toxins, and how much pain and physical damage a hero can shake off. (d8)

Chain shirt (2 amor)
Winter clouts (
2 amor)
Blanket 2stk.
fierwood and fiersticks

Battleaxe strength + d8

Frost Dwarf:
1. Heat lethargy – (-1) to all trait rolls temp 53 or higher
2. Insular – (-2) Charisma with other races
3. Slow – 5 pace

(Minor) Stubborn: He always wants his Way, and never admits the wrong. He justify with half-truths and rationalizations.

(Minor) Ugly: generally shunned by members of opposite sex. Charisma lowered by 2.

Frost Dwarfs:
1. Low light vision – ignore penalties for darkness in all put Pitch Darkness
2. Mountain born- no penalties for difficult ground in mountain and hills
3. Tough – d6 vigor (Max. d12+3)
4. Winter soul: (2) vigor saves against cold weather effects. (2 armor) to resist effects of: cold, couldfire, or ice attacks.

Nerves of Steel
Requirements: Wild Card, Novice, Vigor d8+
Your hero has learned to fight on through the most intense
pain. He may ignore 1 point of wound penalties.


Brogan -—> Frost Dwarf
Brogan is Outlaw, someone who had no one to rely on. He is outcasts shunned by his kit and kin. Among these heroes he found some need for his skills, and he joined the group.

Frost Dwarf is born with wait hair and pale skin. Their barber is growing, as far the status let it. Brogan has tied his long wait hair in the middle of his neck. He had no barber, as an honor to his proud, because he don’t fear what his face now lucks like. He has sticky black eyes and pale skin. Brogan is some taller than the normally 5 feet, and not as stocky as his races. The body was taking no harm after a deadly attack, but his skin got some gross scars.

Brogan has non personal interest in making friendships. He goes with the groups because of the opportunity to become someone. He trusts them and their knowledge, skills and believes. He have no personal goal in the mission jet, and know that his behavior not always seem to suite the rest. Perhaps he is trying too much, to be one of them?
Brogan is loyal only to them he trust, and not always honest and nice. His memory is somehow lost, and he try to make is own way in life. He`s strong and stubborn, and sometimes he is just doing without thinking at all. He does not want to feel, just bee.
When the ice was taken over the north, the Frost dwarf had to leave their homes, and the frost buried their Halls and secrets in the mountain. In struggling’s of survives, they never looks back, and their old way of lives fade. The kin`s were farthing for its owns and make new communities. Brogan was born among them, who still remembered, some of the old myth about dark secrets and treasures. He had no interests in these stories, even he sometime have to listen to the old. Brogan became a craftsman like his father, but as the young and fearless dwarf he was, he either spends time with friends training fighting skills and drink, than doing a job.
Then it happens, what changes his lives. One day he unluckily interrupts a group black haired, who was sitting by the fireplace trying to puzzle out some of these old memories. Even it was no intended, they blame him and it ended in a bloodbath. “Slash and dazed”, his mother was doing her best, but his good lucks was gone forever. Even his body recovered his skin and mind was badly hurt.
After leaving Home the lives went ruff, and the rules of survival changes. He had to communicate whit chance acquaintances, friends as enemies, and it became an education in fitting the environment. Surrounded by different race, creatures, animals and others, he had to deal with his new lives.

Dwarves, Trade and Black Tung


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